Rewriting the future of our cities

Live streaming event / Bosco Verticale, Milan / World Environment Day / Olivier Fran├žois and Stefano Boeri in dialogue to rewrite the future of cities / YouTube broadcast / Podcast

A talk between Olivier Fran├žois, CEO Fiat Brand and Stellantis CMO and Stefano Boeri, Architect & Founder of Stefano Boeri Architetti about electric mobility and Vertical Forests to create a better future for our cities and for the next generations.

The talk was hosted by Will Italia's journalist, Silvia Boccardi, and was transformed into a 4-episode podcast broadcasted on Spotify in the days following the event.

Via Vittor Pisani 15 - 20124 Milano | Corso Marconi 4 - 10125 Torino